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  • Are your posts sponsored?
    No, the posts are our honest reviews and opinions of our cruise experiences. We do not have any sponsors at this time.
  • Why should I try a cruise?
    Cruising is a great way to kick back, relax, and explore exciting destinations without the stress of needing to plan every moment. The captain and crew are in control, so you can unwind with your favorite beverage, feast on delicious meals, participate in onboard activities, and watch high quality shows without the worry and hassle you may experience when planning a different type of vacation. Cruising is also an incredibly affordable way to travel since there are options available for every budget and adventure seeker. Bon voyage!
  • How do I decide which cruise is right for me?
    To help narrow down your options, answer the following questions. What is my budget? Which departure port makes the most sense for me? When am I able to travel? What destinations are on your bucket list? How many people are in my party? Are there children? How do you want to feel on vacation? Relaxed, energized, or a mix of both? For additional guidance, visit our blog post on How to Choose a Cruise That's Right for You.
  • What's the best way to book a cruise vacation?
    We recommend booking through a travel agent to get access to exclusive deals and promotions. A travel agent can also help you navigate the planning process and find the vacation that's perfect for you. Kara is a travel advisor with Castaway Dream Travel who can assist you with all of your cruise booking needs.
  • Is cruising safe?
    Yes! Cruising has become even safer with new health and safety protocols to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Detailed health and safety information is posted on each cruise line's website.
  • Is cruising kid-friendly?
    Absolutely! Several cruise lines like Disney and Royal Caribbean specialize in making sure young guests have an amazing vacation by offering tailored activities appropriate for each age group.
  • I worry I may get seasick. Is it still possible to enjoy a cruise with the motion of the ocean impacting me?
    If you don't have sea legs, don't worry. Cruise ships are massive and handle waves with ease, but if you're particularly sensitive to motion, there are lots of options available to help mitigate the effects of sea sickness. You can try natural remedies, pressure point wearables, aromatherapy, medication, and more. There's also an onboard ship doctor who can help if needed.

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Nassau, Bahamas ocean and inlet with houses on the island
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